The x-Trainer: marvin allen

With 10 years of personal training experience and 20 years logged on the football field and in the gym, certified personal trainer Marvin Allen has all the tools needed to help you reach your fitness goals.

Marvin originally created X-Factor Personal Training in 2008 after being nick named "The X-Factor" by his minor league team mates when he was a receiver and return specialist with the Great Lakes Macos in 2005. Marvin took the nick name and used it for his personal training company because he brought the same energy and intensity to the gym that he had on the football field.

During his time with XFPT, Marvin trained hundreds of personal fitness and high school athletic clients, as well as an entire girls AAU basketball organization, the Michigan Monarchs.

Marvin has restarted his mission, to change the culture of personal fitness and athletics in Southeast Michigan, relaunching X-Factor Personal Fitness. Join the revolution!